Stephanie Williams, Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, said on Wednesday that the bombing of the coup militia, Khalifa Haftar, was a “flagrant violation” of the ceasefire in Libya.

This came in the current session of the Security Council, via videoconference, on the developments of the crisis in Libya.

Williams explained that Haftar’s militia fired rockets at areas where the Libyan army forces are stationed near Sirte (northeast) on August 26 and last night.


And it considered that “the launch of these missiles is a clear violation of the ceasefire agreement.”

And it called on the Security Council to do its part to prevent Libya from sliding into “further division.”

On August 21, the Presidential Council of the internationally recognized Libyan government, and the House of Representatives of Tobruk (east) supporting the coup Haftar agreed, in two simultaneous statements, to an immediate ceasefire.

The two statements met in common points, most notably the ceasefire and the holding of presidential and parliamentary elections, amid international and Arab welcome, and the rejection and violation of Haftar.

For years, the oil-rich country has been experiencing an armed struggle, so with the support of Arab and Western countries, Haftar’s militia, the Libyan government, has been fighting over legitimacy and authority.

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