The US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for International Organizations, Nerissa Cook, announced on Wednesday that the remaining amount of the United States’ dues to the World Health Organization’s budget, which amounts to about $ 62 million, will be reallocated to pay other dues to the United Nations, in continuation to the steps taken by the US administration. Last May, to withdraw from the World Health Organization.

Cook noted that the United States was paying about 22 percent of the World Health Organization’s budget of more than $ 100 million annually.

The official revealed that the US share for the current year is about 120 million dollars, of which Washington paid 58 million dollars before withdrawing from the organization.


It is noteworthy that the US President, Donald Trump, had announced last May that the United States would end its relationship with the World Health Organization and transfer its resources to global health into partners with “greater credibility.””

Cook said, “This step was taken after the US president gave the organization the opportunity to carry out important reforms and to show its” independence from the Chinese Communist Party. ” From May of next year.

It is noteworthy that the dispute between Washington and the organization reached a dead end after America announced it would freeze its aid to the organization last April, and withdraw from the organization in July, due to the organization’s handling of the epidemic and its bias to China.


The US administration announced that it would not join any global effort to develop, manufacture, and distribute a vaccine for the Coronavirus, due to the World Health Organization’s participation in this effort due to its response and the way it deals with the epidemic, according to the Washington Post.

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