The president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, again attacked this Thursday against environmental non-governmental organizations: ” You know that the NGOs, to a large extent, cannot with me, but I cannot kill that cancer, which, to a large extent, are the NGO, “he said live through his social networks in an intervention focused on the situation in the Amazon.

The Brazilian president once again insisted on the existence of a “campaign” against his country motivated by the fires that the largest green lung on the planet has suffered since, in January 2019, the far-right politician came to power in the South American power.

The increase in fires has been attributed by environmental groups to the policies promoted by Bolsonaro, who is committed to the expansion of all economic activities in the region, especially agriculture: “I said it clearly. We have to develop the Amazon, ” argued the president.


Despite the international alarm generated by the deterioration of the Amazon region, Bolsonaro affirmed that Brazil “is the country that most preserves its forests” in the world, although he also maintained that while he holds power, the territories of the reserves will not be increased. indigenous people, who currently account for 14% of the country’s territory, to preserve agribusiness activity.

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