On Saturday, about 200,000 new infections with the new Corona virus were recorded around the world, bringing the total number of infected people to more than 26.6 million, and the number of deaths exceeded 874,000, while the virus continues to spread.

What follows are the most prominent developments and news of this pandemic across the world on Sunday, September 6, 2020, according to the time of Makkah:

07:19 – China reports 10 new cases


The National Health Commission in China said that the Chinese mainland recorded 10 new cases of Coronavirus, the same number of infections recorded the previous day.

The commission said in a statement that all new cases of infection are for travelers coming from abroad, so that the country has recorded 21 consecutive days without local injuries.

The number of new, symptom-free infections increased to 17, compared to 8 the previous day. China does not consider asymptomatic cases of infection as confirmed.

The total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases on the mainland now stands at 85,122, while the number of deaths remains constant at 4,634.

03:40 – A slight increase in South Korea

The health authorities in South Korea announced at dawn on Sunday that 167 new injuries had been recorded during the past 24 hours, in addition to one death, bringing the total number to 21,177 injuries, and 334 deaths.

03:20 – Thousands of injuries Mexico and expectations of more

The Mexican Ministry of Health announced yesterday that it recorded 6,319 new confirmed cases and 475 additional deaths, bringing the total to more than 629,000 injuries and 67,000 deaths.

The government suggested that the real number of injured is much higher than the confirmed cases.

01:20 – 30,000 injuries in Brazil

announced at dawn on Sunday that it had recorded more than 30,000 new injuries the previous day, along with 682 deaths, bringing the total to 4.1 million injured and more than 126,000 deaths.

Brazil currently has the second largest number of infections and deaths from the virus in the world, after the United States.

01:15 – Trump’s vaccine promises are questioned,

US Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris, along with Democratic candidate Joe Biden, said she does not trust President Donald Trump’s word about the effectiveness of any coronavirus vaccine.

“A reliable source of information should speak about the effectiveness of what (Trump) is talking about,” Harris added – in statements to CNN.

With the increasing pressure from the White House to speed up the development of the vaccine, drug companies are planning to announce a general pledge not to send any vaccine to the Food and Drug Administration for review, without comprehensive data on safety and efficacy.

The health authorities in France announced the registration of 8,550 new infections on Saturday, down from 8,975 cases that were recorded in the country on Friday, as Friday’s outcome was among the highest since the beginning of the outbreak.

00:05 – More than 1,800 new infections in the United Kingdom

At the end of Saturday, the British authorities announced 12 deaths and 1,813 new infections with the emerging coronavirus, which means that the total deaths rose to 41,459 cases.

Statistics indicate that the average daily increase in the number of injuries was a thousand cases in most of the past month’s periods, but it increased recently to reach 1940 cases yesterday, which is the highest number of daily injuries in nearly two months.

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