Samherji premieres new link:
image: Youtube (Screenshot)

Samherji premieres a new episode on its Youtube channel tomorrow where the so-called Cape Cod case is discussed, which is one aspect of the Samherji case that was covered in the TV show Kveik last year.

It discussed Samherji’s capital transfers through an alleged subsidiary, Cape Cod FS. It was claimed in the episode that the company had been used to transfer funds from Samherji’s Africa operations through Norwegian bank accounts. Samherji’s ownership of Cape Cod has been leaked.

Samherji denies having ever owned or used this company and in the new link, it is claimed that Kveik’s journalist did not understand the subject matter and the data he had in his possession.


In the link, Björgólfur Jóhannsson, CEO of Samherji, says:

“To put it this way, there are two possibilities, either it is malice or an oversight.”

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