The Russian Defense Minister, Sergey Shoygu, announced his health condition after receiving the vaccine against the Coronavirus, as he revealed that his health condition is good and urged Russian citizens to receive it as well.

In an interview on Russia 1 TV channel, the minister said, “To dispel recent doubts, we started with ourselves. This is in order for Russian citizens to set an example, and to prove that the Russian vaccine is safe and effective, and this matter greatly simplifies life.”

Shoigu indicated that he is in good health after receiving the vaccine, adding that he did not suffer from a fever or any other side effects, and he urged everyone to receive it.

Earlier today, the Russian Fund for Direct Investments and the National Center for Epidemiological and Microbiology Research, “Gamali”, announced the publication of an article in the leading medical journal “The Lancet” on the results of clinical studies of the first and second stages of the Russian vaccine “Sputnik V”, which confirmed its safety. And its effectiveness.

The scientific publication confirms the high safety and efficacy of the Russian vaccine, and also provides detailed data on the results of clinical studies. The article contains all the main qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the “Sputnik V” (letter V from the word “Vaccine”) that favorably distinguish it from other vaccines that are subject to clinical studies in different countries, and for which data on carcinogenicity and its effects on fertility are not available.

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