US President Donald Trump has defended a white 17-year-old teenager, Kyle Rittenhouse, who shot dead two Black Lives Matter supporters last week during riots in Wisconsin. According to the head of the White House, the young man simply defended his life. The expert explained what the American leader hopes for in the light of the election campaign, delivering similar provocative speeches, which caused a storm of indignation among his opponents.

“We are looking into this case,” CBS News quoted Donald Trump as saying about Kyle Rittenhouse’s shooting at protesters. – This is an interesting situation. You saw the same video as me. From what I understand, he was trying to get away from them. And he fell, after which they attacked him very fiercely. ”

Recall that on the night of August 26, 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse shot to death with a semi-automatic rifle two protesters who attacked him in the city of Kenosha (Wisconsin).


The third person who attacked the teenager and was carrying a firearm was seriously injured.

The young suspect was arrested in the neighboring state of Illinois, Wisconsin. According to local authorities, he “fled Wisconsin in an attempt to escape justice.”

The American President Donald Trump said the 17-year-old would most likely have just been killed if he hadn’t defended himself, adding: “I think he was in serious trouble. He would probably have been killed. An investigation is underway. ”

The US President also said that he would rather have law enforcement officers deal with such situations than ordinary citizens. At the same time, he noted that Rittenhouse defended the police, which, according to him, sometimes simply “suffocate” in difficult circumstances.

The president’s brief press conference, which ended after questions about Rittenhouse, came shortly after Democratic candidate Joe Biden gave a speech denouncing violence in American cities and accusing the current White House host of “fanning the flames” of hatred and violence.

“The fires are burning and we have a president who is fanning the flames, not fighting it,” said Trump’s main opponent. – But we must not burn. We have to build. This president has long since lost all moral leadership in this country. He cannot stop the violence because he has fueled it for years. ”

“A very curious trend has emerged in the United States,” comments Vladimir Vasiliev, Chief Researcher at the Institute of the USA and Canada of the Russian Academy of Sciences. – African Americans have always been considered the most reliable voters of Democrats. And, as Joe Biden himself said, “If you don’t vote for me or the Democratic Party, you’re not African American.” So, one of the latest public opinion polls, which, of course, can be falsified, showed that 60% of the black population today are susceptible to the speeches of the Republicans, or at least to the statements of Donald Trump. They respond appropriately to his criticism of radical elements in the Democratic Party. ”

According to the expert, the harsh statements of the current head of the White House clearly demonstrate that a small part of the black population (about 5-10%) is moving away from the position of the Democrats. The African American movement itself is beginning to split. Keep in mind that Black Lives Matter does not represent all African Americans in the United States. After all, there are those who are satisfied with Trump’s policies and even benefited a lot during his three years in power.

“African Americans are disappointed in Biden,” continues Vladimir Vasiliev. “They believe that the politician is not able to protect them and will satisfy their demands. He is only interested in votes. Therefore, the political strategists of the Republican Party, sensing this split, quickly rushed in advance. They advised Trump to change the rhetoric, which, in their opinion, could bring him political dividends later. Such bold statements by the American leader indicate that he is ready to take responsibility. Therefore, they will also help pull back Democratic voters. They may not defect to the Republican side, but they will no longer support Biden so actively in two months.

When the wave of violence began in the United States, African Americans began to suffer no less, and maybe even more than other social groups. Violence has spread in the black areas themselves and hit those residents who are not particularly radicalized. African Americans, like everyone else, want to gradually improve their situation. And Trump reacted very clearly to this “sneeze” and deliberately began a game of pulling back the electorate, the expert said. Time will tell to what extent it will be effective. In any case, Trump and his campaign headquarters have their finger on the pulse of American domestic politics and closely monitor any wind blowing in one direction or another. ”

“When such statements are made in America, that part of the voters who hate Trump continue to do so with even greater force,” the expert added. – The very hatred stems from the fact that the Democrats constantly paint the American leader as stupid, narrow-minded, devoid of intelligence, a person who knows little about anything except golf and other fun. And when they see that the head of the White House is a fairly experienced politician, who knows how to move not just pawns but also pieces on the chessboard, they, of course, begin to worry. Undoubtedly, this factor does not change the position of representatives of the radical anti-Trump forces. But he can play a key role in light of the upcoming debate with Joe Biden. “


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