In Afghanistan, as a result of a missile hit in a house, five children were killed, four more people were injured.

“About six people, including five children, were killed on September 6 in the Afghan province of Nangarhar as a result of a rocket falling on a residential building,” the source said.

It was also reported that The US Department of Defense is counting on the completion of peace talks in Afghanistan. Conditions must also be met to allow the withdrawal of NATO troops stationed in the Islamic republic in accordance with the instructions of the White House, said Pentagon spokesman John Robert Hoffm.

He did not confirm Trump’s opinion about the withdrawal of the American military from Afghanistan before the general election on November 3. “I am not going to discuss the decrees and orders that were (earlier) given,” he replied to a request for comment on the words of the commander-in-chief.

Hoffman said troop cuts would be announced later.

“I cannot say anything about the timing of the withdrawal of troops,” added a Pentagon spokesman. According to him, the department “is optimistic that (the current situation in Afghanistan) can lead to an inter-Afghan dialogue that will contribute to the peace process”, which in turn will create conditions for the withdrawal of troops.

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