A poll conducted by the Research Center (You Gov) at the request of the American channel (CBS) showed that the Democratic candidate for the presidency of the United States, John Biden, is ahead of his rival, the incumbent President Donald Trump.

According to Russia Today, during the questionnaire, a question was asked to the respondents about which candidate they would support if elections were held now, and 52% of those polled said they were ready to vote for Biden, while only 42% expressed support for Trump.

About 3% of the respondents responded by saying that they prefer other candidates, while another 3% said that they do not want to support any politician.

Yet 49% of Biden supporters acknowledge that they will vote for him only because they oppose Trump, and 73% of supporters of the Republican candidate said they would support him because they are satisfied with the results of his presidency.

The research center (You Gov) conducted this poll from September 2 to 4, and 2.5,000 people participated in it all over the United States.

The results of the survey indicate an increase in Biden’s lead over Trump, as a poll conducted by the (Emerson) Center in late August showed that the Democratic candidate beats his Republican rival by only 2%, while Harris Center said that the former US vice president He is 6% ahead of the current US President.

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