British Prime Minister Boris Johnson believes that the Brexit trade deal with the European Union will be concluded by October 15, otherwise it will not be at all.

“If we do not reach an agreement by October, then I do not see a free trade agreement between us, and we must accept this and move on,” the Prime Minister said.

Johnson believes that if the deal is not agreed, Britain will have a trade relationship with the European Union similar to that of the European Union and Australia, which will be a “good result.”


“We will have full control over our laws, our rules, and our fishing waters,” he said.

Johnson added that the UK is ready to find a reasonable agreement with the EU on practical issues, including flights, freight, or scientific cooperation, even if a trade deal is not reached.

“Our doors will never close, and we will trade as friends and partners. But without a free trade agreement,” added Boris Johnson.

It also became known that public confidence in the ruling Conservative Party in the United Kingdom is falling. It would seem that the idea that Johnson can “expel” his own party, which he led to victory, is completely absurd, however, given the current situation in Britain, such a possibility becomes quite realistic.

The Tory political party has recently shown a lack of unity and support from its leader Boris Johnson.

In addition, if you take into account the survey of the population in Britain, you can see that now even the trust of the British in the Prime Minister is declining. A significant role in this was played by the coronavirus crisis, which led to the “economic lockdown”.

In addition, the current Conservative British government is very different from its predecessors. Recently, Britain’s leading political party has been demonstrating its own inconsistency and inconsistency.


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