The testimony of the first patient from Santiago to donate plasma to treat Covid-19
image: TV

Last Friday the first apheresis procedure was carried out successfully to obtain plasma from patients recovered from Covid-19 in Santiago del Estero. The protagonist and first donor was Sebastian Silva, who this Monday visited the Study of Noticiero 7 to tell about their experience.

“I did not expect it to be so large, I have taken it as something that I had to do nothing else, go and be available to donate and treat to help in any way I can, “said the man from Capital City, recounting how he found out that he had been infected.

“I arrive from Brazil the first days that the quarantine begins and, just the day before the isolation is lifted, they do the swabbing. Two days later they tell me that I had a positive result. My family tested negative.” And, as if that weren’t enough, when he returned from a trip he also contracted dengue, and he was discharged from the hospital for coronavirus two months after he was infected.


“I had negative, positive swabs, some with insufficient testing until I was able to give two negatives,” said Sebastián.


“The Blood Bank contacted me and asked if I was willing to do the tests to see if I was compatible to donate plasma. Last Thursday I had the tests done, They call me to nap and tell me that I could donate, and on Friday I made the donation, “he described.

He also took the opportunity to thank the health personnel who attended him:” I have nothing but words of gratitude for him. A team of professionals accompanied me at all times. It was a good experience.

“Silva said that after donating plasma, her life continued normally. The next day he did the physical activity and went to work. “All weekend I had a great time, luckily,” he said, leaving a message so that all those who recover from Covid-19 understand the importance of donating plasma: saving lives. “It is an obligation. If there is the possibility, go and do it. And help. There are many people who are having a bad time. Try to give hope from where you can,” he considered.

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