Donald Trump creates space troops in United States

Separate space troops are a relatively new species that will be used in space. Space forces have already been created in Russia and China, as Donald Trump said at a meeting with supporters in North Carolina.

“I saw what Russia and China are doing. I said that we should do that too. And it wasn’t easy. It’s very difficult,” President of United States Donald Trump said.

President Donald Trump also noted that the American space forces are an example of the fact that during his presidency he managed to do more than he said before the 2016 elections.


“You have never heard me speak of cosmic forces. We have created a new type of American military, just think, ”he said.

Trump announced his intention to create space troops two years ago. Then he officially announced the work on it. From the US budget for 2020, which is $738 billion, $40 million went to space forces. The initial composition includes 200 people.

Previously Russia accused Trump of “trying to take over other planets.” According to the UN resolution, the exploration and use of the moon is the property of all mankind.


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