Japan declares China a threat to its security: Taro Kono-Minister of External Affairs Japan
image: FlickerRichter Frank-Jurgen)

China poses a threat to Japan’s security. This statement was made on Wednesday, September 9 by the Minister of Defense of the island state Taro Kono.

According to the minister, Beijing allegedly intends to change the status quo in the region by force. “As Minister of Defense, I can say that China has become a threat to Japan’s security. They have the ability and the intention, we must monitor their behavior very closely, ”the head of the defense department said during an online discussion at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS).

According to the minister, Tokyo, together with Washington, must closely monitor the actions of Beijing. Kono cited a significant increase in China’s military spending as alarming signs.

“Now we see their intention to change the status quo with the use of force … We are very concerned about China’s intentions, what they want to do,” added the minister.

The head of the Japanese Ministry of Defense explained that if earlier the actions of the PRC could be considered “causing concern”, then due to the growth of Beijing’s military capabilities, he now regards them as “posing a threat.”

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