The US has weapons systems that no one knows about, President Donald Trump told about them.

“We have some systems that no one knows about. To be honest, it seems to me that it would be better to keep this way. We have some incredible systems,” Trump said.

“We have invested $ 2.5 trillion in the US military. You know, with this deceitful media, I said, “We have systems that you have never even seen before. Chinese President Xi Jinping has nothing like this, Russian President Vladimir Putin has nothing like it. Nobody has anything like what we have. ” And he said, “Is he giving out (secret) military information?” No, I’m saying that we have the greatest weapon in the world,” the American leader said.

“They say, ‘He may be revealing classified information.’ You don’t have to worry about it. These people are sick,” added the US President.

According to the head of the White House, now the US military is “stronger than ever”, and US nuclear weapons “are now in their best condition in decades.”

This is how Trump commented on the allegations from the forthcoming book by American journalist Bob Woodward, “Rage”. It is based on 18 of Woodward’s exclusive interviews with Trump. According to its author, in conversations with him, the US President stated that the United States has developed a new nuclear weapons system, which neither Russia nor China possesses. Excerpts from Woodward’s book on nuclear weapons developments were posted on The Washington Post on September 9. The newspaper noted that the journalist’s sources were “surprised that Trump revealed” information about the weapons.

In April 2018, Donald Trump announced that the US military has “nice, new, and smart missiles.” Later, two of them ended up in Russia.

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