Democrat Joe Biden has broad prospects for a fuller implementation of this agreement.

Israel signed an agreement to normalize relations with the UAE and Bahrain through the mediation of US President Donald Trump. The agreement to normalize relations between the UAE and Israel, two key American allies in the Middle East, is one of President Donald Trump’s most important foreign policy achievements. But this agreement will have a better chance of full implementation if Democratic candidate Joe Biden becomes the next US president, Bloomberg writes.

This agreement is one of the few times that Trump can confidently claim that his “decisive” approach to foreign policy has achieved what traditional American diplomacy could not get.

There is a possibility that the agreement between the UAE and Israel will have a “cascade effect”, because Bahrain is already establishing diplomatic relations with Israel, and the rest of the Arab states can go a similar path.

The Israel-Emirates Agreement is largely about arms sales.

However, so far the issue of arms sales has not been resolved, and Trump’s re-election in the US presidential election will lead to the fact that this issue will remain unresolved.

The UAE was to gain access to F-35 fighters, EA-18G Growler electronic warfare aircraft, MQ-9 Reaper drones, and other modern American weapons. But the country was not allowed to buy weapons from the US.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he would not oppose US arms sales to the UAE in the context of normalizing relations between the countries, but after this statement “provoked a political storm” in Israel, Netanyahu said he would “fight” with the sale.

Israeli officials have realized that the Trump administration has an interest in arms sales, and Israel’s veto may not play a big role in this situation.

Thus, the Israeli authorities have found a new solution: the UAE can get the necessary weapons, provided that Israel, in turn, gets even more high-tech weapons, including the F-22 Raptor, which has not yet been sold to any other country.

But even if Israel does not oppose the sale of American weapons to the UAE, Democrats in Congress will still oppose it.

Some representatives of the US Democratic Party are extremely skeptical of Israel because they believe that the country is hostile to the Arab states of the Persian Gulf and, in general, has a “suspicious policy” regarding international arms sales.

If Biden wins, most Democrats will listen to him.

Joe Biden sees the agreement between the UAE and Israel as a truly positive development, and most likely will not stop the sale of weapons.

But if Trump is re-elected and Democrats retain their majority in the House of Representatives, the picture will be very different.

In addition, in the event of a Trump re-presidency, Democrats will have an incentive to try to “undermine Trump’s foreign policy achievements.”

Depending on the “balance of power” in Congress, Trump may be forced to repeat his 2019 actions to sell weapons to Saudi Arabia and the UAE despite congressional objections, with a rare veto.

Congress could again try to block arms sales to the UAE through legislation or through the courts. This would lead to a lengthy standoff between Trump and an enraged Democratic congress.

Despite the fact that Israel’s agreement with the UAE is Trump’s “foreign policy breakthrough”, Biden has broad prospects for a fuller implementation of this agreement.

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