Elections will be held on November 3

A month and a half before the US presidential election, Republican candidate Donald Trump is lagging behind Democrat Joe Biden in three key states, polls show.

A Monmouth poll in Florida showed Biden ahead of Trump by 5 percent – 50% versus 45% – among registered voters.

In a likely scenario of voting with a slightly higher turnout than in 2016, the figures did not change – 50% for Biden and 45% for Trump.

The difference narrows slightly to 49% for Biden and 46% for Trump using a likely lower turnout model.

New CNN polls of potential voters in North Carolina and Wisconsin also show the former vice president’s advantage over the president:

»North Carolina: Biden 49%, Trump 46%

»Wisconsin: Biden 52%, Trump 42%

Note that Biden has never lagged behind Trump at the national level since he announced his US presidential nomination.

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