Facebook Messenger has introduced Watch Together, a new feature that allows you to watch videos with friends.

To use Watch Together, first swipe up in a video call or in the Messenger Room and tap on Watch Together, explains The Verge.

Facebook will suggest videos that might interest you, but it also gives you the option of selecting categories or searching for some specific video.


You can watch the video with a maximum of eight other people within the Messenger video or with as many as 50 people in the Messenger Room.

Watching videos in society has become one of the more popular feature applications in 2020. Disney Plus has its own version, and a similar thing is being done by Netflix, Amazon, and Twitch.

The only real difference between, say, Netflix and Facebook Watch is Netflix’s massive video collection. Facebook Watch, we remind you, contains a mixture of original series, live broadcasts, music videos, original content, and some movies.

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