The American President called the Russian hypersonic missiles “slow” compared to the current American

US President Donald Trump said that Russia allegedly “stole” the technology of hypersonic weapons from the administration of his predecessor, Barack Obama.

According to the current head of the White House, Washington now has much more powerful weapons. At the same time, Trump called Russian hypersonic missiles “slow” compared to the current American ones. “We have, as I say, ‘super-duper-rocket.’

“And recently I heard that it is 17 times faster than what we have now when compared to the fastest missile in the arsenal,” the US president said at a meeting with the COP command in the White House.

Experts believe that the statements of the US President are only pre-election propaganda. According to analysts, Trump’s reasoning contradicts the real state of affairs, since Russia already has hypersonic weapons, and the United States does not have such technologies in service.

Commenting on Trump’s statements, a military expert, retired Colonel Viktor Litovkin, noted that the current US President is not shy about expressing such thoughts and is taking the opportunity to “throw a stone into the garden” of his predecessor.

“If we stole the technology, the Americans would have had hypersonic missiles for a long time, and we would only develop, but it turns out the other way around. We have not only hypersonic missiles, but also hypersonic combat gliding units on strategic missile systems, and they still do not have any of this. Therefore, it is strange to say that you can steal something that does not exist, ”the expert noted.

Earlier, Trump has repeatedly spoken about the presence of promising types of weapons in the United States that other states allegedly do not have.

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