Well-known American writer Winston Groom, best known for his work “Forrest Gump“, passed away at the age of 77, reports Anatolia.

Groom has died in southern Alabama, Fairhope Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson has confirmed.

Wilson said her family informed her Wednesday about the death of renowned writer Groom.


Alabama Governor Kay Ivey said they have lost one of the most talented writers in that state and will remember Groom as the creator of the character Forrest Gump.

Groom’s more famous work was adapted into the 1994 film of the same name, “Forrest Gump,” starring Tom Hanks, directed by Robert Zemeckis. The film won six Oscars.

Along with Forrest Gump, Winston Groom has written a total of 16 novels, which tell the story of real events.


His book, Conversations with the Enemy, written by an American author following a Vietnam War sailor, was a finalist at the 1984 Pulitzer Prize.

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