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Saturday, December 9, 2023
HealthThe coronavirus does not stop growing in India: it exceeds 5.4 million cases

The coronavirus does not stop growing in India: it exceeds 5.4 million cases

March to become the most affected country. Data from Johns Hopkins University indicates that this rate puts India in the 20th position in the world rankings.

India today surpassed the barrier of 5.4 million cases of coronavirus , after almost two weeks reporting at least 90,000 new infections every 24 hours, it has been setting global records since the beginning of August and is on the way to displacing the United States as the leading country. affected by the pandemic.

According to the latest data from the Indian Ministry of Health, the country confirmed 92,605 new Covid-19 infections in the last 24 hours, raising the total number since the start of the pandemic to 5,400,619, 17% of the total cases in the world.

In addition, it reached 86,752 deaths, with an increase today of 1,133 deaths, a relatively low number considering that, with its 1,353 million inhabitants, it has a mortality rate of 1.6%, below the global average .

Johns Hopkins University data indicates that this rate puts India 20th in the world rankings.

With 400,000 new cases in just 96 hours, India is the second most affected country in the world, after the United States with 6.7 million cases, and its growth curve, much higher than any other in the world, indicates that this pace India could become the epicenter of the pandemic by the end of next week.

Likewise, the recovery curve in the country is increasing as fast as new infections, and today, for the second day in a row, India recorded a higher number of new recoveries than new infections .

According to the Ministry of Health, 94,612 people recovered from the disease in the last day, reducing the total of active cases despite the very high number of contagion.

At the moment the country has a total of 1,010,824 active cases , meaning that 4.3 million or 97% of patients have recovered , which is also the highest number of recoveries in the world.

According to official data, recovery records were set precisely in the six most affected regions of the country, among them the state of Maharashtra, of which Mumbai is the financial capital, and the capital New Delhi.

Also in constant increase, the authorities maintain their capacity to perform detection tests to the maximum, reaching a total of 63 million tests since the beginning of the pandemic, 1.2 million in the last 24 hours, with a positive rate of 7.6 %, according to the Ministry of Health.

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Amanda Graham
Amanda Graham
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