Swiss tunnels will help revolutionize European rail transport and reduce the number of trucks transporting goods through the Alps

The recently opened Ceneri tunnel could make a real revolution in the railway traffic of the Old Continent, where the ultimate goal is to connect the North Sea and the Mediterranean by train.

The tunnel was officially opened in early September with a solemn ceremony attended by musicians from the Swiss-speaking regions of Switzerland, but also those from the Italian-speaking area. In this way, unity is shown, that is, the strong connection between the north and the south of the country.

Easy transition

-This new line through the Alps is a project of the century in our country. This is the largest investment we have ever had, this is a sign of intelligent investment in transport – Swiss President Simonetta Sommaruga did not hide her enthusiasm.

The Ceneri Tunnel is 15.4 kilometers long and is located near the Swiss border with Italy. It is the final part of the “puzzle” of the tunnel project through the Alps, at least as far as the Swiss side is concerned. Together with the “sister” tunnels, Lotschberg, and Gotthard, Ceneri allows trains to easily cross the Alps, writes the Punkufer portal, and reports Blic.

About 170 passenger and freight trains will pass through it every day, and the driving time will be reduced, so now the journey from Zurich to Milan will take only three hours.

Swiss tunnels will help revolutionize European rail transport and reduce the number of trucks transporting goods through the Alps.

However, the main goal is to connect the largest European seaport, the one in Rotterdam, with the Italian port of Genoa.

Alternate route

But while the Swiss part is finished and the Italians are finishing theirs, the project is, somewhat unexpectedly, hampered by the Germans who are late with the works.

Namely, the planned expansion of the route from Karlsruhe to Basel, Switzerland, is hampered by residents of German cities along the route. The expansion that should go to four lanes, due to various complaints, is an incredible 15 years late!

Due to the delay, the Swiss started negotiations with France on the use of an alternative route, given that there may simply not be an opportunity for this Germany.

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