The resources of the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda, banned in Russia, published their “corporate” magazine, where they told who came up with the plan of the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001, in the United States.

As written in the material, Osama bin Laden himself, then personally in Sudan, was working on a plan for a super-attack in the United States. But initially, such a plan was proposed by an Egyptian pilot, with which he worked in Europe and North America.

The Egyptians immediately told bin Laden that he needed to hijack the plane and ram one of the places that are iconic for America.

But another terrorist associate from Sudan proposed a different plan: to hijack the planes and blow them up if their demands are not met. Bin Laden liked this plan, and he switched to it. But when he began to develop it in detail, he came to the conclusion that Sudan is not suitable for the role of a springboard for committing terrorist attacks.

In 1998, having moved to Afghanistan, the head of al-Qaeda returned to the plan of the Egyptian pilot.

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