The GOP is in fact openly trying to appoint a conservative candidate to the Supreme Court.

Republicans are trying to maintain power in the United States. GOP officials are probably not going to give up their own intentions to “gain control” of the United States Supreme Court. After the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who maintained a balance between liberal and conservative judges in the Supreme Court, Republicans are going to appoint a new member of the court who will have conservative views, writes Bloomberg: (Trump Is Proving That Democracy Is Broken).

When US President Barack Obama once proposed a Supreme Court Justice in an election year, the Senate refused to vote.

However, Republicans now have a majority in the Senate and can push for a vote.

“If you have enough votes, you can do what you see fit. We now have a majority in the Senate and a presidency, so we have every right to appoint a judge, ”says Donald Trump.

Thus, Donald Trump actually explained the main principle of work: if you have the majority of the votes, you can do whatever you want.

Republicans are in too much of a rush to appoint a new judge to replace Ginsburg.

The Senate may speed up the appointment of a new judge to be able to do so before the elections, however, this will “reject” some necessary “verification procedures”.

Such a rush to appoint a judge before the election raises suspicions that Republicans will use any trick to support Trump and pave his way to victory in the election.

What is most striking, however, is how the “wars” to appoint candidates to the Supreme Court since 2016 have been a demonstration of how much the “normal rhythm of political representation” has been disrupted.

The GOP is in fact openly trying to appoint a conservative candidate to the Supreme Court.

Thus, the US Supreme Court risks becoming “republican.”

Donald Trump is still the president of the United States, he has the power to nominate whoever he sees fit to the Supreme Court. Senate Republicans can vote for this candidate.

But some Senate representatives have already announced that the winner of the fall presidential elections in the United States should nominate a new judge, Bloomberg concludes.

Earlier it was reported whether Biden would fix Trump’s mistakes?

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