The ceremony will be held online, and the Nobel banquet has been canceled.

The Nobel Prize ceremony, which traditionally takes place in December, is changing its format this year due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. The awards ceremony at the Stockholm Concert Hall has been canceled and will be replaced by a televised ceremony featuring international appearances, reports an Eastern Herald representative in Oslo.

The announcement of this year’s laureates will traditionally take place in October (this year from October 5 to 12). Medals and diplomas will be awarded to laureates in their home countries; embassies or universities can be involved in this process. The traditional Nobel banquet at the Stockholm City Hall was canceled.

In Oslo, where the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony is traditionally held, the event will be held on a more modest scale. The ceremony will not be held at the City Hall, but at the University of Oslo, where it has not been held since 1990. The gala banquet was also canceled.

Earlier, the WHO said that over the past week the coronavirus in the world broke the record for the number of new cases detected – almost 2 million in 7 days. Despite this, the world is also seeing a decrease in mortality rates.

For the first time, an outbreak of coronavirus in the Chinese city of Wuhan was recorded on December 12. Scientists said the source of the disease was from a local seafood market. The authorities in Japan, Thailand, and South Korea were the first to report cases outside China.

On January 30, the World Health Organization declared an international emergency due to the coronavirus, and on March 11, a pandemic.

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