The Chinese company “Huawei” announced today that its supply chain was attacked by the United States and called on Washington to reconsider its trade bans that harm suppliers around the world.

Huawei is the largest maker of telecommunications equipment and smartphones and is under pressure from U.S. trade restrictions to deny it access to the chips.


“America has changed its sanctions for the third time and this has brought us great challenges in production and business,” Huawei chairman Guo Ping said in Shanghai today.

Washington claims that “Huawei” is the main driver of Chinese espionage, and as of September 15, new restrictions have been introduced that prohibit American companies from delivering or serving a Chinese company. Huawei has repeatedly denied that it poses a threat to US national security.

Ping pointed out that although Huawei has enough chips for business operations, including the 5G network, it feels the impact of sanctions on its smartphone chip stock.

The American company “Qualcomm” applied to Washington for a license to deliver to “Huawei”.

The American company was recently licensed to supply certain products to Huawei, while the Chinese company SMIC applied.

Ping stated that “Huawei” wants to use “Qualcomm” chips in its smartphones if that company gets a license.