A Briton from Northamptonshire, who was arrested as part of the notorious hacker group “The Dark Overlord”, was sentenced in the USA to five years in prison and a $ 1.4 million fine.

The hacker group “The Dark Overlord” became famous after it was revealed that they stole as yet undisplayed episodes of one of the most popular series on Netflix, “Orange Is the New Black”, and then demanded a ransom from the company not to publish them on the Internet. They are also linked to the theft of large amounts of hospital patients’ personal data, which they also blackmailed.

TDO is a rather mysterious hacker group. It is not known who runs it or how many members it has, and 39-year-old Briton Nathan Wyatt was discovered after the police, as part of the investigation, connected him with a phone number from which he called and blackmailed the victims.

He pleaded guilty in court to identity theft and computer fraud, apologized for his moves, and reportedly said he never wanted to see any computers again in his life.

According to the BBC, he admitted that the group came into possession of sensitive data from various companies and threatened to publish them if the companies did not pay them a ransom that ranged between 75 and 350 thousand dollars. Although no company agreed to the blackmail, the hacker was ordered to pay a $ 1.4 million fine.

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