Azerbaijani state television ” AzTV ” is preparing to show the famous Turkish series “Ertugrul Resurrection” on its screen soon.

The channel said in a statement on Friday that it had obtained a license to show the series. They indicated the start of the dubbing and editing work for the 150-episode series.

Azerbaijani television will display episodes of the series 5 days a week, without mentioning a specific date for the start of the show.

It is noteworthy that the Ertugrul Resurrection series, which began showing in 2014 on the Turkish official channel ” TRT 1″, concluded its career last season after the presentation of Episode 150.

In addition to being the top viewer in Turkey during its seasons, the series received wide follow-up in 71 countries it was exported to, most notably the United States, Pakistan, Albania, and some countries in the Middle East and North Africa.

The series is currently dubbed into 25 languages, most notably Arabic, English, and Urdu.

The series “Ertugrul Resurrection” is filmed on a set depicting thirteenth century AD.

It presents the biography of the hero Ertugrul ibn Kunduz Alp, the leader of the Kayi tribe, one of the Muslim Oguz Turks (Turkmen), and the father of Osman I, the founder of the Ottoman Empire (656 AH / 1258 AD – 726 AH / 1326 AD).

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