Her slogan was “Fuck the police.” She received more than 4,000 votes from the electorate, which is only now beginning to realize who they cast their vote for.

A woman who describes herself as a “transsexual, Satanist and anarchist” has won the Republican nomination for the post of Sheriff for Cheshire County in the state of New Hampshire (USA).

Aria DiMezzo triumphed in the primaries on September 8 after more than 4,000 supporters of the Republican Party endorsed the only candidate on the ballot, who was proposed with the slogan ‘Fuck the Police’.


Only now are voters beginning to realize who the person they cast their vote is and who calls himself the “high priestess of the Satanic Reformed Church.”

Faced with the avalanche of outraged comments sent to her email, DiMezzo notes that she did not imagine the lack of interest from the electorate in knowing who they vote for, although she says she has always been honest about herself.

“The system that has failed you for allowing me – a bloody anarchist Satanist transsexual – to be your candidate for sheriff is the same system that I am attacking. Sorry, I know this hurts you, but this system is a lie,” he wrote in your blog.

In the general vote in November, DiMezzo will face Democratic candidate Eli Rivera, who is seeking his fifth term as sheriff.


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