alexandra-zarini The stepfather abused her at the age of six
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Alexandra Zarini (35), great-granddaughter of the founder of the fashion brand Gucci, filed a lawsuit against her own mother and grandmother

The great-granddaughter of the founder of the fashion empire Gucci in a shocking confession accused her mother and grandmother of covering up her stepfather’s sexual abuse that she had suffered since childhood, which severely damaged her mental health!

Alexandra Zarini (35), the great-granddaughter of the founder of the Gucci fashion brand, filed a lawsuit against her own mother and grandmother because they did not protect her from the stepfather of sexual abuse as a child. In the lawsuit, she described in detail how her then stepfather Joseph Ruffalo started beating her when she was only six years old and how she had to endure his attacks for a full 16 years.

He claims he regularly crawled into her bed, touching her breasts and genitals, rubbing his cock against her body. When she heard the rattling of ice in a whiskey glass at night, she would stiffen in bed because it meant drunken Ruffalo was coming for a new round of perversions.

As she stated, her mother Patricia Gucci, and grandmother Bruna Palombo covered up the crime. Not only did they know what her stepfather was doing, but they also helped him. For example, Patricia allowed Ruffalo to film her underage daughter naked in the bathtub, with a video camera.

Alexandra says that her mother constantly beat her, pulled her hair, and sometimes strangled her, and in such situations, Ruffalo would jump in as if he were a protector and “comfort” his beaten stepdaughter by touching her where he shouldn’t. She claims that both her mother and grandmother threatened to keep quiet about all this because a public scandal would jeopardize their income, and that worried them more than what would happen to the child.

A painful childhood

–  They tried at all costs to avoid what they considered a scandal that could tarnish the name Gucci and potentially cost them millions, according to Alexandra’s lawsuit against Joseph Ruffalo (80), Patricia Gucci (57), and Bruno Palombo (82). She filed the lawsuit in Los Angeles, where for the most part this disgusting drama took place.

Alexandra is the older of two daughters Patricia gave birth to in marriage to her first husband, Santino Losi, a wine merchant from Vicenza. After divorcing Santina, she met American music manager Joseph Rufal and moved in with his daughters in Beverly Hills. They married in 1993 and had a child, which did not deter Joseph from playing dirty with little Alexander. When she fell asleep with her mother in bed, she would wake up with her hand on her stepfather’s genitals.

According to Alexandra, her stepfather also encouraged her to take drugs. Traumatized by constant abuse, she developed a series of mental disorders: she obsessively bathed and showered, rubbed her skin to blood, pulled her hair, and attempted suicide in high school. As she overdosed on cocaine and methamphetamine, her mother sent her to rehab, where she realized through conversations with therapists that she was a victim of sexual violence. It was only in her early twenties that she dared to tell her mother and grandmother for the first time that she would report everything to the police. They threatened to disinherit her in that case and leave her out of the family inheritance.

“Well, you took drugs, no one will believe you,” Patricia Gucci told her.

She volunteers at a children’s hospital

And so Alexandra fell silent again. Fear of losing her inheritance suppressed her need to get rid of a painful secret. In the meantime, she got married and changed her maiden name Losio to Zarina, became financially independent, had a child in 2016, and last year, searching the Internet, discovered that Ruffalo was volunteering at a children’s hospital in Los Angeles. Then it broke in her and she went into action. She first filed a complaint with the Beverly Hills police, who are still investigating the case, and her lawyers recently filed a lawsuit and informed the media about everything.

–  I do not want what happened to me to happen to another child, mine, or anyone else’s explains Ms. Zarini why she went to war with her family. Patricia Gucci responded to her accusations in a statement to the New York Times:

–   I deeply regret the pain that Joseph Ruffalo inflicted on Alexandra. It is unforgivable what he did to her and I was broken when she revealed everything to me in 2007, in the office of our family doctor in London. I immediately filed for divorce from Mr. Rufal. I am equally overwhelmed by completely false accusations against me and her grandmother.

Granny Bruno witnessed all sorts of scandals, intrigues, conspiracies, subterfuges, dynastic struggles, and crimes in the Gucci family. ”
Joseph Ruffalo, through his lawyers, also categorically rejects Alexandra’s accusations:

–  While he was married to Alexandra’s mother, Mr. Rufalo and his wife were very worried about Alexandra’s mental state and tried to help her and solve the problem of her instability. Apparently, their efforts were in vain.

Bruna Palombo has not yet commented on her granddaughter’s accusations. Bruno’s grandmother watched all kinds of scandals, intrigues, conspiracies, subterfuges, dynastic struggles, and crimes in the Gucci family. She gave birth to a daughter, Patricia, in a secret relationship with the then-married Aldo Gucci, a visionary who turned his father Gucci’s leather craft into a cathedral of luxury. He did not like to play by the rules, so he spent a year in prison in the United States for tax evasion.

After his three sons from a previous marriage tried to take over his company, he declared Patricia his only heiress, who did not even know until the age of 10 that her father had another, legal family. Aldo’s son Mauricio Gucci was killed by a contract killer in Milan in 1995 with four bullets in the back. The murder was ordered by Maurice’s ex-wife Patricia Reggiani and she was imprisoned for 18 years. Child sexual abuse is new in a series of gilding stains of that perverted dynasty.

Although the Gucci brand has not been owned by the family that created it since 1993, the glamorous Patricia re-entered the fashion business last year. She has launched the Aviteur line of luxury, handmade luggage, but if she really is the villain her daughter describes, the mud will swallow her new job and cheek.

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