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Pink PageWhat happens behind the closed doors of the swingers club - "Swingers for all ages"

What happens behind the closed doors of the swingers club – “Swingers for all ages”



Lawrence and Jess are a couple who opened a club together in Australia six years ago. This club is not a traditional venue but a safe space for adventurous couples who embrace the so-called  Swing lifestyle. But to ” swing ” involves a kind of exchange of spouses, i.e. a couple goes to the stupas and meets another couple and exchanges spouses.

Lawrence and Jess say their clients are well-educated, suit-clad individuals – both couples and singles. They answered some common questions about lifestyle in an interview with  The  Daily  Star.

1.  Are Swingers usually older people?

Jess: “No, this is a 100% misunderstanding. Lawrence and I were on the younger side. We opened our club in our thirties. Swingers are of all ages, but the average age is probably around 35 years old. ”

2. Are swingers looking for ways to save an unhappy relationship/marriage? 

Swing is a way for couples and singles to maximize their sexual and spiritual experience,” says Jess. ” Swing is like a magnifying glass. If there are cracks in the relationship, then they will be more obvious. But if the relationship is good then this will support it even more. Swing can help a couple to become closer as this involves a lot of communication and for the swing to be able to work in the couple relationship, communication and approval are key.”

3. There are rules for swing clubs. 

“There are rules in all swing clubs or swing situations. The most important rule is consent. We can not put enough emphasis on it, but consent is the basis. No means no, “says Jess. She also says that she and  Lawrence have other minor rules, such as banning or restricting alcohol consumption, discussing goals with new playmates, being friendly, and dressing in formal attire. Photography and drugs are also banned at the club.

4. Do all swingers have a flair for leather,  latex, and BDSM

Jess answers: “No, not everyone. Being a  swinger is a small part of society. Within the community, we have couples and singles who define themselves as polygamous, open,  BDSM, or simply swingers. ”Jess says that people also practice swing in different ways. Some people forbid sex, some couples just want the third party involved in their sex, just a woman, just a man, or both.

“Our club has theme nights, from  BDSM nights to Women’s nights and then nights for those who are bisexual. We also have a group sex night, a masked ball, and a rookie night. ”

5. Can single women and single men run a  swing club or are they just for couples? 

Jess says that single women can join the club and it is very popular to get them there. The story is different from men.

“We allow single men, but they must fill out an application before they are approved. The reason we restrict single men and let them go through the application process is that some men and I say some, have not followed the rules over the years and have been uncomfortable. We want our place to be a safe space and for the mood and atmosphere to be positive. ”

6. Have you seen anything strange in a  swingers club? 

Jess answers. “After almost seven years of operation, there is nothing that I find strange or unusual. However, we have had a lot of interesting times at the club that are the subject of good stories. Like group sex with 26 individuals and 12 men sleeping with the same woman at a time.

7. Does everyone have to take a sexually transmitted disease test at the club or are there other precautions? 

“We do not require customers to present a sexual health certificate. We feel that people who support this lifestyle are enlightened and protect themselves and take regular exams. We provide condoms,  lubricants, protection for oral sex, and more.”

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Miranda Novell
Miranda Novell
Studied Psychology of Human Sex. I have a long history of working with Aphrodisiacs in the Middle-East, Serbia, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Guatemala. Writing for column 'Pink' on The Eastern Herald.

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