Opponents of the American president actively criticize his conflicting political decisions.

According to forecasts, Trump’s chances of winning the US presidential election continue to decline. Opponents of US President Donald Trump have been vigorously criticizing his controversial political decisions. A year ago, the world gained access to a recording of a telephone call in which President Trump “pressed” the Ukrainian government to help him find “compromising evidence” on his opponent Joe Biden. Also, according to the transcript of this call, Trump was actually asking Kiev to “support some of its political interests” in exchange for US military aid needed to defend Ukraine. At the end of last year, President Trump was even impeached for abuse of power, writes The New York Times.

It is likely that this was not a unique case in which Trump’s personal priorities influenced American foreign policy. As the 2020 US presidential election approached, Trump was increasingly self-serving in his political decisions. The result was that the world began to lose “trust in America.”

The sphere of national security is based precisely on trust. International diplomats usually spend a lot of time building trust between countries by developing coherent strategic policies.

For some time, “this practice continued” under the Trump presidency. American military officers, diplomats, and members of the intelligence community have maintained moderation.

But increasingly, the US president and his loyal government representatives began to somewhat negatively influence moderate political decisions.

In March 2018, Trump signed an executive order stating that the US position is to support Ukraine and protect it from any external influence that threatens the peace, security, stability, sovereignty, and territorial integrity of the country.

But in reality, Trump focused on his own interests and desire to win the presidential election again, while putting pressure on the Ukrainian government.

As a result of Trump’s policies, relations between the United States and China have deteriorated significantly. Donald Trump often ignores his professional advisors.

Trump’s main goal was re-election in the US presidential elections.

The American president has become a mediator in the establishment of diplomatic relations between the UAE and Israel, which should also improve the chances of winning the elections. But a serious enough blow to Trump’s reputation was the publication of information that he had not paid taxes for a long time.

Trump’s predecessors have also sometimes made decisions and agreements that were in line with their political interests. But these deals tended to be consistent with America’s stated policies and American interests.

However, the problem is that too often Trump’s interests run counter to those of the United States.

In general, Donald Trump is quite unpredictable in matters of foreign policy, which negatively affects the attitude of the international community towards the United States. After all, the leaders of other countries find it difficult to predict the foreign policy decisions of the American president, and this may complicate the cooperation of the United States with some allied countries, sums up the NYT.

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