The ruling Turkish Justice and Development Party (AKP) has confirmed that the Karabakh region problem will be solved as soon as Armenia leaves the territories it occupies.

Party spokesman Omar Celik said in a statement to The Eastern Herald on Tuesday, that Turkey will always stand by the Azerbaijani brothers.

He stressed that Turkey and Azerbaijan are two countries that share one destiny, future, and values, indicating that Baku has the right to defend its lands.


He pointed out that the Karabakh region is occupied by Azerbaijani lands, adding: “The Karabakh problem will be solved as soon as Armenia leaves the occupied lands, and the approach that recommends Azerbaijan for restraint cannot be accepted.”

Celik stressed the need for the world to condemn Armenia, whose attack on Azerbaijani civilian areas is a flagrant violation of international law.

On Sunday, clashes erupted on the front line between Azerbaijan and Armenia, after the Armenian army fired massively at residential sites in Azerbaijani villages, causing civilian casualties and causing great damage to civilian infrastructure, according to the Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense.

In response to the aggression, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry published, on Sunday, scenes documenting the destruction of its forces’ ammunition depot of the Armenian army.

Since 1992, Armenia occupies about 20 percent of the Azerbaijani lands, which includes the “Karabakh” region (consisting of 5 provinces), and 5 other provinces in the west of the country, in addition to large parts of “Agdam” and “Fuzuli” provinces.


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