As the world buzzes over the embarrassing scene witnessed by billions of people, watching the tumultuous TV debate of US presidential candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden, after which the behavior of US First Lady Melania Trump is mostly retold, fashion stylings are also analyzed.

Recall, last night, Democratic candidate Biden and Republican candidate and current US President Trump fiercely confronted each other, and at one point, their wives joined them on stage.

Joe Biden with his wife on debate stage with Trump
Photo: AFP via Avaz

The video of Biden’s wife Jill warmly embracing Joe and kissing him, while Melania is restrained and cold in her style, ignited social networks.

Trump Biden debate stage-melania-donald
Photo: AFP via Avaz

At first, the beautiful Slovenian woman only patted her husband on the shoulder, but still, unlike countless previous events, this time she allowed him to take her hand. Thus, users of social networks comment en masse that it is time for Biden to win and for “true love to return to the White House”.

Biden-Trump debate night-melania-donald trump on stage
Photo: AFP via Avaz

But fashion critics also believe the fashion show has outdone the debate as Melania Trump and Jill Biden shone and Donald’s daughter Ivanka stole the looks. While last night’s debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden was not easy to listen to, the better half of the presidential candidates made sure there was at least something to watch.

Trump family fashion on Biden-Trump debate on TV
Photo: AFP via Avaz

Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Lara Trump, Tiffany Trump, Ivanka Trump. Both Melania Trump and Jill Biden were very elegant. While 50-year-old Melania opted for a $ 3,240 Dolce & Gabbana striped suit, 69-year-old Jill ‘recycled’ a green silk dress with tassels that she had already worn in October 2017 at an event in New York.


Although the ladies chose different styles, one thing still connected them: protective face masks.

biden with his wife on Biden Trump debate
Photo: AFP via Avaz

The first lady chose a disposable white mask that matched her shirt, and Jill a dark green linen mask from the Athlet brand, almost the same shade as the dress.

Biden-Trump debate night-biden with his wife Jill on stage - Fashion
Photo: AFP via Avaz

But these are also all the similarities between the two.

Melania apparently opted for a dark suit with white stripes following the style of her husband who wore a dark blue suit and a striped tie and complimented the look with dizzyingly high heels of $ 695 Christian Louboutin that have become her trademark this year.

Biden-Trump debate night-Melania Trump fashion on TV with Donald Trump
Photo: AFP via Avaz

As for the jewelry, Melania wore only one ring, and although she covered half of her face with a mask, she highlighted her eyes with strong makeup. Neither did Jill Biden overdo it with jewelry and she complimented the dark green silk dress with just a few gold bracelets and a gold necklace, and she wore $ 995 Valentin Rockstud heels on her feet.

Melania Trump on instagram
Photo: AFP via Avaz

But Melania and Jill aren’t the only ones to bring a much-needed dose of glamor to a tense evening.

Melania Trump with her family on Biden-Trump debate night on stage
Photo: AFP via Avaz

Trump was accompanied by all his children, and the daughters Ivanka and Tiffany grabbed the most attention.

Biden-Trump debate night - Ivanka-melania trump
Photo: AFP via Avaz

The mother of three, Ivanka, came to the debate unaccompanied by her husband, and for the occasion, just like her stepmother Melania, she chose a suit, but in the cream color of fashion designer Gabriela Hearst, which costs $ 3,210 and was complemented by a Chanel handbag from $ 4,700.

Biden-Trump debat night-ivanka-trump-fashion cat walk
Photo: AFP via Avaz

She ‘lifted’ the one-color fashion combination with a protective mask of a floral pattern, which, just like the others, she took off when she went on stage.

Biden-Trump debate night -ivanka-trump fashion parade
Photo: AFP via Avaz

Kimberly Guilfoyle (51), a partner of Trump’s son Don Jr., decided to look similar, and she also wore a white suit, which she ‘picked up’ with an unusual handbag with ‘rock’n’roll’ written on it with beads.

Unlike the two of them, Trump’s daughter from her marriage to Marla Maples, Tiffany, 26, arrived at the debate from head to toe in black, dressed in a simple black dress complemented by gold jewelry.

Tifani trump on Biden-Trump debate night on TV
Photo: AFP via Avaz

A similar black look was decided by the wife of Trump’s second son Eric, Lara (37), who also chose a simple black dress complemented only with bracelets and an iWatch watch, reports Jutarnji list.

Biden-Trump debate- Ivanka and Melania Trump in front row
Photo: AFP via Avaz

In addition to the content of the debate between the presidential candidates, fashion details and Melanie’s restrained behavior, the subject of discussion is also the question of whether everything is fine with Trump’s health. For example, after Donald took Melania by the hand, his right arm began to twitch, as if he had no control over her. Trump’s possible hand problems have already been written about. In June of this year, during a speech at the West Point Military Academy, he could not normally raise a glass of water but had to use both hands. Trump had already raised a glass with two hands, and this was first recorded in 2017 when he presented his strategy. members of the military service in Washington. That same year, he raised a bottle of water with both hands as he spoke of a trade agreement with Japan.

“Look how Jill kisses and hugs Joe Biden, and Melania and Trump barely touch.” “Joe and Jill – a warm hug. “Melania just gave Trump a hand and she seems uncomfortable,” Melania approached Trump. She didn’t hug him. She didn’t kiss him. Jill came up to Joe and hugged and kissed him. ” What is happening with Trump’s hand “, are just some of the remarks and questions on Twitter.

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