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Monsoon Hair care Tips

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There is one thing that everybody wants that is happy and healthy hair. Irrespective of texture, length, most of us have a long list of complaints regarding hair quality. However, hair care during monsoons can be a nightmare for most of us. The high levels of humidity not only send out an unwanted invitation to various health problems but also threatens our scalp and hair.

Monsoons are well known for the most damaging seasons for the hair as the climate enhances the probability of hair fall, dandruff, and your hair becomes the biggest in this particular season.
So, your hair needs special and maximum care during this time.

Here, in this article, are a few tips about monsoon hair care to come back and minimize your hair problems and keep them happy and healthy.

1. Moisturize your hair

Constantly drenching in the high humidity makes your hair frizzy and dull. This is the peak time to trap in the moisture. To do this, try not to leave your hair open all the time, as this enhances the fizziness. Keep your hair tied in a loose ponytail, braids, or buns to trap the moisture, which is much needed for a healthy mane.

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Apart from this, nourish your hair with warm oil massages to retain the moisture back.

2. Choose the right conditioner

Conditioners always help to keep the hair soft and frizz-free. But remember it is the monsoon. Choosing the right conditioner is essential. Unlike other seasons monsoon has its demands of hair care. Go with the conditioner that is strong enough to control and manage your freeze but won’t make yourself greasy. Soho skincare comes up with great monsoon offers on every purchase of hair care products. Just apply September Soho Skincare Promo Code.

3. Keep your scalp dry

Monsoon always makes us fall in love with the rains. Though it is not healthy somehow, you will get drenched in the monsoon rain, even making every effort to avoid getting drenched.

In such situations, make sure to clean and pat dry your hair and scalp. The rainwater is dirty with a slightly acidic pH level, which can prove to be unhealthy for your hair. Even if you are in a hurry, be gentle and avoid rubbing your wet hair as wet hairs are most sensible, and the chances of breakage are maximum.

4. Do not expose your hair much during monsoons

Although for the sake of your hair, it is always good to stay at home during monsoons to avoid the rainwater and humid exposure to your hair. But it is not possible when you have no choice. So whenever you need to step out of the house, carry a scarf or caps, and you are ready to go out.

5. Nourish your hair naturally

Haircare becomes highly laborious during monsoons, as the season demands little extra attention for a healthy mane. Well, here are some of the easy natural home remedies you can go with to give a healthy bounce to your hair.

To prevent dryness and frizziness, you can go for some DIY hair mask.

Just paste two bananas and make 2 to 3 tablespoons of honey. Apply this from your root to the tip of your hair and leave it for an hour. Wash it with regular shampoo.

Another must-try mask for a lustrous, healthy mane is the curd egg hair mask. All you need is two full spoons of sour curd and an egg. Blend this in a smooth paste and apply all over your hair. Leave it for 20 minutes and wash it with regular shampoo.

For the scalp, apply lemon juice diluted with water with the help of a spray bottle, leave it for 3 minutes and wash it with normal water.

Fenugreek or methi seed is another most incredible and effective ingredient that prevents hair fall and dryness. To get the magical results, all you need to do is soak 2 tablespoons of fenugreek seeds in water overnight. Strain the water and apply it all over your hair from roots to tips with a spray bottle.

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