The RRB says that the explosive expertise will be carried out in any case.

The head of the Main Investigation Department of the RRB Maxim Borchakovsky said that the version of the terrorist attack in the investigation into the crash of the AN-26 military transport aircraft could be ruled out after an explosive examination, Interfax-Ukraine reports. According to Borchakovsky, now the investigation does not discard any possible versions of the plane crash near Chuhuiv.

“All the versions that are now being heard in the media are not discarded… Now the question of the explosive expertise is being decided … It will be carried out unambiguously. In addition to the explosive expertise, a technical investigation is underway,” he told reporters.

Borchakovsky also answered in the affirmative to the question of whether this means that it will be possible to exclude the version of a terrorist act only after an explosive technical examination.


An AN-26 military transport aircraft crashed near Chuhuiv, Kharkiv region on September 25. It was used by cadets of the Kharkiv National University of the Air Force.

At the time of the fall of the plane, there were 27 people on it – seven crew members and 20 cadets. Immediately after the disaster, two surviving cadets were taken to the hospital. However, the victim in critical condition could not be saved. Cadet Vyacheslav Zlochevsky remains in the hospital.

The day before, for the first time after the plane crash, he spoke about what had happened. The cadet has a concussion, bruises, and burns. It is still difficult for him to remember that day.

The investigation is considering four versions of the plane crash, the engine failure version being the priority. According to the government commission, the plane received confirmation of landing a minute after the request and the message of the malfunction.

At the same time, the State Bureau of Investigations conducted 40 interrogations and seized the documents necessary for the investigation.

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