Eight people were included in the sanctions list, including Karaev.

The United States of America has imposed sanctions against high-ranking officials of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus responsible for violence against citizens.

The sanctions list of the US Treasury Department on October 2 were included Interior Minister Yuri Kara and his deputies Alexander Barsukov and Yuriy Nazarenko, deputy commander of the Interior Troops Hazalbek Atabay, chief of police of Minsk Ivan Kubrakov, commander of the Minsk riot militia Dmitry Balaba.

Also, sanctions were introduced against the participants in the falsification of elections: the deputy head of the Central Election Commission Vadim Ipatov, and the secretary of the CEC Alena Dmuikhaly.


The persons on the list were denied entry and financial transactions in the United States were banned.

In five cases out of eight, US sanctions coincided with Canadian and British ones. At the same time, the self-proclaimed president Alexander Lukashenko, his son Viktor and the head of the Presidential Administration Igor Sergeenko were not included in the American list. Earlier, the United States has already imposed sanctions against Alexander Lukashenko and Viktor Lukashenko.

The EU Council on Friday confirmed the sanctions against the Lukashenko regime, previously agreed by the EU leaders. In total, 40 people were included in the EU sanctions lists, whom the EU considers to be involved in the rigging of elections on August 9 and violence against protesters. At this stage, it was decided not to include Lukashenko on the sanctions list. Sanctions may be imposed against him if he refuses to engage in dialogue through the OSCE, takes confidence-building measures, and release political prisoners, in particular ex-presidential candidates.

In response, Lukashenko banned a number of European officials from entering Belarus.

Canada, the US, and the UK also imposed sanctions against the Lukashenko regime.


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