Lying in the bed of Alexei Navalny, Dmitry Kiselyov risked his life for a reason.

Last Sunday in Vesti Nedeli Dmitry Kiselyov spoke about his journalistic investigation … However, no, it sounds too bland. Start over. On September 27, 2020, the famous TV presenter committed an act of civic courage: risking his life, he proved his case. This is how medical scientists inoculate themselves with the vaccine they invented. For such a reward must be given. But if they forget, nothing. Unlike doctors, who were promised to pay serious money for COVID, but were deceived, the country’s main propagandist will receive his fee. Although even here he may have a reason for resentment …

Dmitry Kiselyov spent the night in the same hotel room where Alexei Navalny was staying, after which a sad story happened to the future “patient” of the German clinic. The next morning, the star of the blue screen shaved, walked in front of the camera in a robe, counted the number of water bottles that the maids provide to the guests. The purpose of this event was an aspiration to confirm its own thesis, repeatedly expressed on the air, with obvious facts: there was no “Novichok” here at all. As you know, microscopic doses of this toxic substance, hitting, for example, a wall, can easily kill a person. Remember how in Salisbury they completely destroyed everything that the Skripals could touch? Even their cat. And Kiselev – please, healthy little man.

We will not ask stupid questions such as “have the special services not examined every millimeter of the room dozens of times and have not drawn certain conclusions?” The answer is obvious. But the audience was struck not by the scale of the feat, but rather by the sight of the chief tele-propagandist in a voluminous hotel robe. Even in this completely homely vestment, he broadcast with such slow importance and meaning … A question crept into his head: does Dmitry Konstantinovich talk with his loved ones like that? ..


Well, now is the time to count the money in other people’s pockets. The media disseminated information, based on data from the Federal Tax Service, about the salaries of leading socio-political programs. So, our hero earned 4.6 million rubles (US$59,000) at VGTRK for a year of running Vesti Nedeli. This is a little less than 400 thousand rubles (US$ 5000) a month. The amount, of course, is frail, the State Duma deputies even have more. But let’s not forget that Kiselev is also the general director of the Russia Segodnya MIA, where he too, I hope, gets a little penny. What is the reason for this hypothetical resentment? And here she is. Roman Babayan – he hosts Svoyu Pravda on NTV – received 12.2 million rubles ($ 1.2 million) over the same period.

The hosts of the talk show “60 minutes” on “Russia 1” Evgeny Popov and Olga Skabeeva – about 12.8 million each. The official salary of Margarita Simonyan at the Rossiya Segodnya MIA is 20.4 million rubles (US$260’000) in ANO TV-Novosti (legal entity RT) – another 16 million (US$200’000). The annual income of Vladimir Solovyov is 52.6 million (US$670’000), this amount allegedly comes from three sources – Radio Rossii, TV channel Rossiya and Solovyov’s personal firm SV Consulting “. But Artyom Sheinin, the host of the talk show “Time Will Show” on the First Channel, got them all with his almost 100 million (US$127’000) annually!

Just a minute! Most of the aforementioned ladies and gentlemen broadcast on state-owned or state-owned commercial channels. That is, by and large, they are civil servants. But how do you explain such generosity of employers?


And there is another big question: is the horse feed? Here are some figures from a recent poll by the Levada Center, which established the dynamics of the level of Russian confidence in various sources of information over the past four years. So that’s it. 48% of respondents stated their confidence in television, which is 11% less than in 2010. On the other hand, trust in online publications and social networks has grown from 20 to 23% and from 12 to 24%, respectively. More and more Russians are inclined to listen to news received at the household level.

So what, in vain do such grandmas pay comrades? How to say. The Levada Center poll included the following point: name the top 5 events that you remember most.

The viewers named: the crisis in Belarus, coronavirus, the invention of a vaccine against it; the events in Khabarovsk were in the fourth position, and in fifth – something of their own, personal …

The opinion of Internet users, social networks, Telegram channels: Belarus, Khabarovsk, Navalny’s poisoning, coronavirus. Personal events shared the fifth line with the explosion in Beirut.

Finally, the preferences of those who trust more friends and neighbors: Belarus, Khabarovsk, pandemic, Navalny, vaccine.

Have you noticed that TV viewers were not excited by the events around the “simple malamute from the Internet”? And if we consider that the middle-aged audience of the “box” still actively comes to all elections and votes correctly, it becomes clear: lying in Navalny’s bed, Dmitry Kiselyov risked his life for a reason.

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