It did so by means of a statement in which it is stated verbatim that “President Alberto Fernandez gave instructions to Chancellery on the position to be established by the Argentine representation in Geneva before the draft resolutions in relation to the situation in Venezuela that will be discussed at the meeting of the UN Human Rights Council”.

“Our country will maintain its leadership in the global defense of human rights and will uphold the principles of peace and political resolution of the Venezuelan crisis”, The text begins later.

“Likewise, it will value and strongly support the work carried out by the United Nations High Commissioner Michelle Bachelet. In this framework, we urge the government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to cooperate fully with the advice and all its mechanisms and to fully implement the recommendations made by the High Commissioner in your reports. As well as its call to conduct prompt, exhaustive, independent, impartial and transparent investigations into allegations of human rights violations, bring the perpetrators to justice and guarantee adequate reparation to the victims, ”the document noted.

In another paragraph of the statement, the government of Alberto Fernandez points out “the need to reinforce the installation of a permanent mission of the High Commissioner in Caracas, endowed with the human resources and the elements that allow it to deploy a remedial action in the face of said circumstances and contribute to directing appropriate solutions, leading complementary actions that it may deem appropriate for that purpose ”.

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