A city council meeting was adjourned just in time as the mayor reviewed the state of affairs due to the latest development in COVID-19 infections in the capital area. City council meetings begin on Tuesdays at 2 p.m., lasting only fifteen to twenty minutes.

Sigurborg Osk Haraldsdottir, Pirat’s city representative, explains this on her Facebook page. All issues on the agenda of the meeting were subsequently postponed and the city council was unanimous, according to Sigurborg.

99 infections were diagnosed yesterday and the vast majority in the capital area. This is in line with developments in recent days, as the vast majority of people in isolation are in the southwest corner. The Chief Epidemiologist announces tougher measures in the capital area than the civil defense information meeting will take place at 3 pm, live on Vísir.

“Extensive epidemic measures have been taken over the weekend, which we expect to be even more extensive today. It is therefore clear that there will be further changes in the city’s services when the Minister of Health’s announcement of tougher measures is available. The City of Reykjavik’s emergency management has been in operation since the weekend and will issue instructions as soon as the Minister of Health’s advertisement takes effect. The City of Reykjavik will provide information on the state of affairs and the main measures for this development on the city’s website, “says Sigurborg Osk.

“I want to commend the city staff who have solved difficult tasks in recent days. It is the unique ambition and dedication that the front line of our employees’ places in their work. The management is doing everything possible to ensure that there is an uninterrupted activity in the necessary welfare services, health services, and schools. ”

The goal is to reduce the spread of the virus in the community.

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