First Deputy Head of the National Bank Ekaterina Rozhkova believes dismissing her for communicating with the media is a wake-up call for the independence of the central bank. About this, she wrote on Facebook.

“How exactly could Dmitry Sologub and I upset the NBU Council, for which we received a reprimand and distrust? (…) These are our communications with Dmitry. However, I’m not sure if this is a reason, or rather an excuse … I think this is a victory of the past over the future. An alarming signal for the independence of the NBU, and indeed common sense, “Rozhkova wrote.

She also noted that the decision to issue a reprimand and to express no confidence was taken “behind closed doors, without giving reasons or hearing the parties.”

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Recall July 1 the head of the NBU board Yakov Smoliy wrote a letter of resignation… He explained this decision by systematic political pressure, which prevented him from effectively performing his official duties. Shortly before writing a statement Smoliy announced plans to lead the National Bank until 2025 – the expiration date of the seven-year contract signed in 2018.

On July 2, Volodymyr Zelenskyy made a submission to the Rada, and the next day parliament, with 268 votes in favor, dismissed the head of the NBU.

Yakov Smoliy’s announcement of his resignation was the result of prolonged pressure from the President’s Office. The stumbling block was the issue and return of money to Igor Kolomoisky and the Surkis brothers. Read more about the circumstances and the projected consequences of the resignation of the head of the NBU in the article by Yulia Samaeva “Between the Bankova and the National Bank”.

Also, over the past two months, the NBU Council has dismissed three deputy heads of the NBU, appointing new people to replace them. Of the old Smoliy team, only Rozhkova and Sologub remained on the NBU Board.


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