The Prime Minister says there is every reason to fear that the spread of the Coronavirus has grown exponentially. Therefore, it is necessary to take stricter disease control measures in the capital area.

The Prime Minister, Katrin Jakobsdottir, expects that tougher measures in the capital area will be announced soon, even later today.

Prime Minister Katrin Jakobsdottir expects that the distance restrictions will be tightened and that exemptions from the meeting restrictions will be reviewed. These include theaters and sporting events.

“What we see with this large number of infected people is that the virus has, of course, spread throughout the community and is extremely harmful. Infects widely. So this is a significant concern. I have been in contact with the epidemiological authorities this morning and I know that they are considering tightening measures, especially here in the capital area,” says Katrin.

Good results have been achieved in the first waves of the epidemic and she believes that it will succeed now. However, it calls for a very concerted action that everyone must take part in. It is possible to go further in the distance limits, which are still one meter, and review exemptions from the twenty-person meeting limits that the epidemiological authorities are examining.

“I think the situation is exactly like that when we see this large increase in the number of people who have been infected. Nearly eight hundred people are now infected in isolation. This is a huge number. We also see that the distribution is very large. Then it is very important to take firm action to control the situation,” — said the Prime Minister.

To date, the spread of the virus has not grown exponentially in society. But the Prime Minister says there is every reason to fear that this is happening now.

“There is every reason to fear it when we see such figures. We have always had two beacons in front of us in this epidemic. On the one hand, to prioritize people’s lives and health, and on the other hand, to minimize the social and economic impact. Now, on the other hand, we are seeing a strain on our health system that is increasing due to these very sick people and it is important to intervene firmly, “said Katrin Jakobsdottir shortly before noon.

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