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Personnel from different areas of the Municipality of La Banda carried out this Tuesday a new raking operation of possible Covid-19 events in the Central Argentino neighborhood Expansion.

With the accompaniment of the Ministry of Health of the province, the Argentine Army, and the Police of the province, the work coordinated by the Municipal Emergency Committee with the aim of detecting in time people who have contracted the virus and putting into practice the corresponding sanitation and isolation protocol to prevent the spread of the virus.

These actions are held at least twice a week in different sectors of the city, with the participation of municipal personnel from the Health Directorate, together with personnel from Traffic and Band Alert.

The task consists of a survey of the homes of each sector to gather information on family groups, identify people considered at risk and possibly infected, either by close contact with positive patients or by symptoms compatible with the disease.

If necessary, swabs are performed in a properly conditioned place, which in the Central Argentino neighborhood was the Municipal Medical Attention Center No. 5.
The health authorities reported that the operations will continue in different sectors, and it is recalled that the swabs are carried out only to the residents of the neighborhoods where the operations are carried out, with the aim of mapping the presence of the virus in the city.

In the event of symptoms or suspicions of contagion due to close contact with an infected person, call 107 and wait in strict home isolation together with the family group until receiving instructions from specialized personnel.

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