Ukraine and Britain to sign a new strategic partnership agreement

A new agreement on strategic partnership between Ukraine and the UK will be signed during the visit of President Volodymyr Zelenskyyy to London , said the Ambassador of our country to the United Kingdom Vadim Prystaiko.

“Huge document, many hundreds of pages. I think the public will be surprised when this document is signed by the leaders and you see such a stack of papers on the table. But because it is so big – because there are so many questions. This agreement will establish a strategic partnership between Ukraine and the UK. This agreement, in fact, is an agreement on permanent political interaction and trade. This is approximately the same associative agreement that we concluded with the EU, only aimed at one country that decided to leave this Union, “- said Prystaiko in an interview “Voice of America “.

The diplomat noted that the issue of British visas remains unsatisfactory.


“Quotas – separately, trade – separately, a high political level of cooperation – all this is an excellent background for the migration part as well. True, the process is sensitive to the domestic politics of both Ukraine and Great Britain. But at least we can talk about simplifying the procedures that annoy Ukrainians the most, “the ambassador added.

Zelenskyyy, along with the first lady, will be in Britain on an official visit on October 7-8.

Before that, Zelenskyyy’s Office was told that London should sign a Ukrainian-British agreement on political cooperation, free trade, and strategic partnership.

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