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In pandemic time, a specialist warned about eating disorders suffering big and small due to the confinement Yet the uncertainty. The graduate Rachel Carranza spoke with Newscast 7 about.

“We are seeing a significant prevalence in what represents the pediatric population, cases of overweight, obesity, but also associated with metabolic disorders, such as insulin resistance, liver, and digestive disorders”, explains Carranza.

And he continues, “in the adult population, we are receiving consultations about gastrointestinal pathologies that may be associated with the type of psychological stress, in addition to a sedentary lifestyle and the uncertainty typical of the stage we are experiencing.”

When asked if they can be called “pandemic pathologies”, he answered “they can be associated as high prevalence and that it will leave us serious sequelae because not only is our schedules being modified but our lives in general, both in food planning as from everyday activities. ”

“From the food point of view, we recommend healthy habits, reorganizing ourselves when shopping for food, planning daily meals, trying to organize our schedules and prevent children from falling asleep late and that moves meals to different times,” he said.

Finally, he expressed that “the mere fact of being emotionally bad, the tendency is to indulge with other foods that are not healthy, we must have to do it partially.”

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