Hurricane Delta is now heading for the coast of Mexico and will make landfall in the United States later this week. Delta is a secondary hurricane but is expected to gather strength this week. According to forecast models, the hurricane could be fourth when it hits the United States.

Residents of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico will begin to feel the effects of Delta this morning. According to the US Meteorological Agency Delta could be the strongest hurricane to hit the region in fifteen years.

In conversation with the AP news agency, A meteorologist at the U.S. Hurricane Center says Delta could gather a lot of power before the hurricane makes landfall in Mexico. According to forecasts, sea levels will rise by up to two to three meters and heavy rain could cause flash floods.

The evacuation of residents from special danger areas has begun.

Even more powerful later this week

Experts expect that Delta will then gather a lot of power from the warm seas of the Gulf of Mexico and head for the United States. Under current policies, Delta could reach land from Louisiana to Florida.

Delta is the 25th tropical depression to form across the Atlantic and was named this year. Never before have so many depressions been named at this time of year. The record that Delta beat was from 2005, when the 25th depression formed on November 15th.

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