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Argentina and one vast majority of countries vote today in the United Nations Human Rights Council a statement where it alerts about the serious situation of violation of human rights under the regime of Nicolás Maduro and proposes that UN High Commissioner, Michele Bachelet , continue for two more years in your mission-vision of the Venezuelan crisis . Too demands free and independent elections In Venezuela.

By 22 votes in favor, 22 abstentions and 3 votes against the position of the majority of the countries meeting in the UN Human Rights Council prevailed and The resolution urging Venezuela to address complaints about human rights violations that are equated to crimes against humanity was approved. .

By founding the vote of the government of Alberto Fernandez at the UN the Argentine ambassador to international organizations, Federico Villegas , expressed that “Argentina is concerned about the human rights situation in Venezuela, aggravated by the situation of economic sanctions. The rights of all Venezuelans must prevail “ .


“The dialogue and cooperation of the Venezuelan government with the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights is necessary. Failure to comply with this is problematic and does not help the State in the fulfillment of human rights , “said Villegas, based on the vote in favor of Argentina against the Maduro regime.

At once, Villegas said that Argentina would have preferred a single draft declaration in the Human Rights Council. Is that before that vote most of the countries of the UN Human Rights Council abstained or voted against a resolution presented by Iran, Syria, Turkey , and the Nicolas Maduro regime, in which it was noted that there is “progress” in Venezuela?

On that topic, Argentina abstained in that case along with 25 other countries , including members of the European Union, India, Japan, Libya, Nigeria, and Togo. Meanwhile, Australia, Brazil, Chile, the Marshall Islands, Peru, Ukraine, and Uruguay voted against it. The document was supported by African and Asian countries, several of them with authoritarian regimes and severely challenged for Human Rights violations.

Contrary to this declaration, Argentina and other 22 countries of the Human Rights Council imposed resolution A / HRC / 45 / L.43 / Rev.1 that provides details of the results of the report of the High Commissioner for Human Rights led by Michelle Bachelet and who a month ago denounced new cases of atrocious violations of freedoms and people in the Nicolás Maduro regime.

At the same time, The approved document demands “free, fair, transparent and credible” elections in Venezuela , rejects “all kinds of foreign interference in the military, security or intelligence level”, urges all parties to launch presidential elections “without delay” and reveals a “state of alert” for the deepening humanitarian crisis under the Maduro regime amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the five pages of the declaration that was signed today in Geneva, The UN Human Rights Council warns of its “concern that the coronavirus disease pandemic (COVID-19) is aggravating the situation in Venezuela” while urging the authorities to “follow international recommendations on human rights that concern the Venezuelan population and the international community, in order to face the pandemic and humanitarian needs in general and improve access to information regarding its evolution ”.

Argentina’s position was advanced today from the Casa Rosada . Through a statement it was indicated early on that “President Alberto Fernández gave instructions to the Foreign Ministry on the position to be established by the Argentine representation in Geneva regarding the draft resolutions in relation to the situation in Venezuela that will be discussed at the meeting of the Council of UN Human Rights ”.

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