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Facebook removed the post of US President Donald Trump in which he argued that seasonal flu is more dangerous than the coronavirus.

As writes CNN, Trump compared COVID-19 to seasonal flu in today’s social media post.

“Flu season is coming! Despite the existence of a vaccine, more than 100 thousand die from the flu every year. Will we now quarantine the entire country because of this? No, we have learned to live with it. Just as we learn to live with COVID-19, which is even less lethal,” wrote the American leader Trump.


Later, a spokesman for the social network Facebook Andy Stone confirmed that Facebook deleted Trump’s message, as it carries false information.

In turn, Twitter, where Trump also posted this message, marked it as “misleading.”

Recall that the American president was discharged from the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, where he was being treated for COVID-19… A helicopter took him to the White House. Trump’s discharge was approved by the President’s physician Sean Conley, noting that his clinical indicators allow him to return home.


Thereafter the head of the White House recorded a video barrage, in which he urged Americans not to be afraid of the coronavirus.

Before that, it became known that Trump hid test results that showed him being infected with the coronavirus. According to the newspaper, he was waiting for the results of a second, more accurate study. Trump knew about the results on the evening of October 1, before he appeared on the air of Fox News. But then he kept silent about the first positive test for COVID-19 and instead confirmed that the coronavirus was found in his assistant. Hope Hicks.

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