President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky called the cynic of the leader of the HLE, Viktor Medvedchuk, who asked his godfather – Russian President Vladimir Putin for the Russian vaccine from coronavirus for Ukraine.

So, on his Facebook page, the head of the Ukrainian state assured that Ukraine would receive a reliable vaccine that would not raise doubts among scientists.

“It was the European Union that confirmed that it will help Ukraine get a real vaccine when it appears and will not cause doubts among scientists. Therefore, I do not advise very much to believe in the election “initiatives” of individual cynics who have already been vaccinated with unverified means,” —Zelensky wrote.

According to the president, the summit was held “with great mutual respect and interest,” and Ukraine “is confidently moving towards full membership in the EU.” He also stressed that Ukraine will receive “industrial visa-free” and “open skies”.

Recall that according to Medvedchuk, vacationing with his family in the annexed Crimea, he was vaccinated with the Russian vaccine against COVID-19. The family and he himself “tolerated” the vaccination well. He also called the Russian vaccine “the most reliable remedy” for coronavirus today.

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