The European Union said they expect new parliamentary elections in Kyrgyzstan. Writes about this ” Radio Azattyk ” with reference to the statement of the EU Delegation.

“The EU calls on all political forces in the country to act within the framework of the Constitution and settle their differences peacefully. We look forward to holding new, credible, transparent, and general elections in accordance with the international obligations of Kyrgyzstan and the democratic rights of its citizens, ”the statement said.

The EU supports Kyrgyzstan’s democratic path after gaining independence and therefore promises to continue supporting the country.

After the announcement of the preliminary results of the parliamentary elections in Kyrgyzstan, several opposition parties denounced the results due to massive violations and falsifications during the electoral process.

On the evening of October 5 on the Ala-Too square in Bishkek gathered about five thousand people who disagree with the results of the parliamentary elections… Protest actions were held in the cities of Naryn and Talas.

The rallies escalated into clashes with the security forces and the storming of the “White House” – the building that houses the Presidential Administration and the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan. To date the building was destroyed and burned out, as a result of the protests, 1 thousand people were injured (there are wounded both among the security forces and among the protesters), one person died

Oppositionists ex-President Atambayev, suspected of corruption, released from jail and announced the formation of a new government

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