Just six days after contracting Covid-19 and before serving his quarantine, the President of the United States, Donald Trump, returned today to his office in the Oval Room, in the West Wing of the White House where dozens of his advisers and journalists, and assured that getting infected was “a blessing from God.”

“If you are in the hospital and you feel bad, we are working so that you get the same drugs that I took, that you get it free and fast, we have hundreds of thousands of doses that are almost ready. I already have everything ready to authorize it, we are going to sign now and they will recover. They are called therapeutic but for me, they were not therapeutic, they did me good … I say they are a cure, “Trump said in a video posted on his Twitter.

From the White House garden and without a mask, the president assured that obtaining the approval of these experimental drugs, mainly Regeneron, is now “much more important than the vaccine.”


“We have to produce them, we have to get them approved and we have to take them to hospitals so that people feel better, for me that is much more important than the vaccine. I want everyone to receive the same treatment as their president because I feel well, I feel perfect. I think it was a blessing from God that I got it. I got it, I found out about this drug, I took it and it was amazing how it worked, “he explained.

For the first time since he was discharged late Monday afternoon and despite the fact that his doctors said that the virus can remain active for between 7 and 10 days, Trump emerged today from the isolation of his residence on the second floor of the Casa Blanca and worked from his office, an area of ​​the building full of consultants, administrative employees, and even journalists.

The president was updated on the economic situation, negotiations with the opposition in Congress for a new stimulus package that he suspended yesterday, and on the category 2 hurricane Delta, which is heading for the southern coast of the country, according to White House spokesman Brian Morgenstern told the press, quoted by the NBC channel.

“I was just briefed on Hurricane Delta, and I spoke with Governors of Texas (Greg Abbott) and Louisiana Governors John Bel Edwards. Please follow the directions of your state and local leaders,”

— Trump tweeted shortly after.

The White House chief of staff, Mark Meadows, acknowledged that since yesterday Trump has pressured his top advisers to return to work in the West Wing, where his office is located, despite the fact that some members of his closest team tested positive, even after several negative results after his contagion last Thursday.

As reported today by his doctor, Sean Conley, in a statement, Trump has not had symptoms of coronavirus for 24 hours or fever for four days.

Conley said that the president told him this morning that he feels “phenomenal” and added that “he has not had a fever for four days or symptoms (of Covid-19) for 24 hours.”

“His physical examination and vital signs, including oxygen saturation and respiratory rate, remained stable and in the normal range,” he said, quoted by CNN channel.

“He has not had a fever for four days, without symptoms for more than 24 hours, and he did not need to receive supplemental oxygen since the initial hospitalization,” added the part, which states that they will continue to monitor “closely” the state of health of the president.

The behavior of the 74-year-old president is scrutinized with special attention, since a large number of people who work in the White House, including journalists, also tested positive for coronavirus.

In addition, shortly before the president’s departure from a military hospital, last Monday, Trump’s doctors stressed that “he was not yet completely out of danger,” which added to several journalistic versions that argued in the last that his symptoms persist.

In the midst of this climate of growing uncertainty and less than a month before the elections in which the president is at stake for his reelection, Trump remains determined to return to the campaign as soon as possible and even declared himself ready to participate in the second presidential debate with his rival, Democrat Joe Biden, on Thursday next week in Miami.

In this regard, Biden said today in Maryland that he is “anxious to be able to debate it”, but affirmed that it should not take place if Trump is still infected, the ANSA news agency reported.

It is still unknown how Trump will face these last key campaign weeks.

If the rumors of symptoms and persistent medical complications are true, the official campaign could be affected not only by the state of Trump’s health but by the spread of infections that left a large part of his staff, and that continues to force many to wear quarantined.

The last was Trump’s main adviser on immigration issues, Stephen Miller, who last night announced that he is infected and became the twenty-third member of the president’s environment hit by the pandemic, only in the last week.

In parallel, today another military command was added to the list of infected: the number two of the Marine Corps, General Gary Thomas, who was already in quarantine after the positive result of the Vice Commander of the Coast Guard, Charles Rey, according to ANSA.

Much of the Pentagon leadership is currently under quarantine.

The United States has more than 7.5 million cases and almost 211,000 deaths, according to data from Johns Hopkins University that shows that only four states (Hawaii, Kansas, Missouri, and South Carolina) reflect downward trends in new cases in comparison with the previous week.

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